Children's Dentistry

Chidren's DentistryToday, Pediatric Dentistry should be mainly preventative

Dr. Paris and his staff belief that oral health is an integral part of a child's overall health and that preventative care is important for a child to achieve a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Our office philosophy is to introduce a child to preventative care as early as possible and therefore recommend that children receive their first dental visit by age one.

Our top priority is to provide each infant, toddler, child and adolescent with comprehensive pediatric dental care in a warm and caring environment. We believe in the prevention of dental problems, the promotion of lifestyle habits leading to cavity free teeth, and the recognition of the positive impact of beautiful teeth on a child's self esteem and confidence.

While we strongly strive to provide the guidance to allow our patients to grow up cavity-free, we realize that this endeavor is a partnership between parents, the child and us. In a family-centered environment, Dr. Paris and his staff work with parents every step of the way by showing them how their child's teeth develop, when they need care and by developing a plan for good oral care coupled with good eating habits.

Our goal: To see that each child has the best teeth possible and each one leaves with a smile.